leave your mark
on the world.

Acceptance is key.

  •  12/05/2020 08:46 PM

The short story of how all of this happened. How a 16 year old girl decided that she needed to leave her mark on the world.

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demi also know as delagrande (born june 15, 2002) is a english YouTube personality and motivational speaker. Dela was diagnosed at age eleven with macular dystrophy, a condition which causes loss of her central vision. She lost most of her sight at age 16 and will continue to lose more if her condition remains unstable. her goal is to leave a mark on the world by 'letting the world see her before she can't see the world'.
In 2017, Dela was in a terrorist attack at Manchester area, while attending a Ariana Grande concert. since then she has raised money for the victims of the attack by organising a charity walk with her farther (who was in the foyer when the explosion went off) up snowdonia. she has also appeared on the one show, ITV news for interviews to do with the disaster.
Dela's content focuses on her experiences with blindness, fashion, makeup and trauma experiences.she vlogs about her daily life and activities. She advocates for disability rights and hopes one day people will realise that most blind people aren't the stereotype that people think they're.

she is the definition of inspiring people who have vision loss not to hide it.


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