Defying Stereotypes

24 Jul

I Asked someone, when you think of a blind person, what do you imagine? they responded with "erm walking with glasses and white cane or a guide dog" and then i asked what do you think blind people do in their daily lives? they said "i think theres not much a blind person can do, maybe just sit and listen music or read braille". I responded we can do anything you can do we just have to learn and do things a little differently. its 2020 we can use social media, we can travel, love, see and experience the world in a way sighted people can't. they said "that sounds amazing, even though you cant see, its seems you have a more of a interesting life than a normal life with sight." 

We are not just glasses, a white cane and a dog.We do not sit in darkness waiting for someone to help us.We are not a stereotype and we will not be discriminated by sighted people for accepting our new normal. we're blind and proud and though we may not see like you, we approach the word with such wisdom and courage that in the end we're unstoppable, you just have to accept you for you.Its a fight with no sight, but we are winning, by sharing knowledge, informing sighted people we're not unless or worthless, we are beautiful, independent  human beings and the world is ours to explore.They replied "show the world, eliminate the stereotype and educate the uneducated to see through your eyes".

So here i am. each day i share my life proving the blind community, are far from a stereotype.